Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions - General

No. This service is free to users who register and accept the licence agreement. RSP reserve the right to charge for this timetable data and any other data that may be offered through this website in the future. RSP will notify you of licence changes via this website.

When you register for the data download service you must agree to the licence terms. RSP require that you confirm these licence terms annually or when the terms are changed. This means you may need to accept the licence terms again when you log in.

Frequently Asked Questions - Fares Data

The fares download contains the fares data and a number of supporting files. Please use the specification which has been posted on the Fares Data page in order to interpret these files. You will require a certain level of computing knowledge in order to make use of these files.

The January fares data will be available on 27 January 2014. The fares data is generally updated one week after the start of a new fares setting round three times a year.

Please note that the fares data is no longer being updated in this portal, you can access fares data in National Rail Data Portal

The Advantix Traveller is a set of installable files that allow you to search for and retrieve fare information. You should decompress all the files and run the setup.exe file provided within download. There is also a readme.txt file which provides some further instructions.

Please note that the Avantix Traveller data is not being updated anymore (the last updated file was March 2022).

Frequently Asked Questions - Timetable Data

The timetable data available on this website, is updated on a weekly basis.

The timetable data available on this website contains all national rail passenger train services, associated shipping and bus links, as well as reference data to support timetable enquiry systems. It does not include real time train running information.

The timetable data available on this website can only be used for your own business purposes, which may include providing your end users with timetable information and / or generating timetable results for your end users.