Fares Data

Please note that the fares data is no longer being updated in this portal, you can access fares data in National Rail Data Portal https://opendata.nationalrail.co.uk/


Each year in the UK, train fares can be subject to revision in January, May and September, with the main revision taking place in January each year and the May and September revisions being available to make seasonal alterations to fares. Train companies are also able to create promotional fares and make corrections to fares between the three revisions under strict rules overseen by government.

On a trial basis, it is intended that the fares data download available on this website will be released three times a year in January, May and September. These three releases are known as ‘full releases’ of fares data and are being made available here free of charge under the terms of a Creative Commons licence.

Users should also be aware that Advance fares are mainly quota controlled and therefore whilst these fares appear in the fares data, they are only available for sale subject to availability.

The specification below provides details of the actual structure and content of the fares data download.



Fares Data - Instructions for Use

Information on how, when and why you should use the Fares Data.