Routeing Guide Data

This guide shows the full range of permitted routes available for use with tickets on
the National Rail network. The content has been approved by the Department for
Transport. If you are planning a journey we would strongly advise you to make use of
the Journey Planner at Any ticket indicated for use in
conjunction with a particular journey when using the Journey Planner will
automatically be valid for the route and service indicated.

PLEASE NOTE this guide is of necessity a complex document and the Journey
Planner should be used to validate any intended route (including relevant ‘via’ points)
to ensure that it can be used with your ticket. This is especially necessary if using
this guide to identify whether an indirect or unusual route is valid for use.

TO USE THIS GUIDE: Follow the steps below to identify the permitted routes for the
journey that you wish to make. Please ensure that you read the instructions on how
to use the National Routeing Guide before you begin the search.



Instructions (Section A)

Information on how, when and why you should use the National Routeing Guide.

Posted on Website: 02/02/2023

The National Routeing Guide in Detail (Section F)

More information on how to use the National Routeing Guide, including some step by step examples.

Posted on Website: 12/11/2014


A list of National Routeing Guide terms and their conditions.

Posted on Website: 09/10/2013


Routeing Point Identifier (Section B, the "Pink Pages")

Description: This document provides a list of National Rail Stations and the routeing point(s) associated with those stations.


Scroll through the list to find your origin and destination stations in order to identify the routeing point(s) identified with each. Make a note of these routeing point(s).

RP Calculator

Routeing Point Calculator

Description: This is a tool to assist in calculating eligble routeing points for a specific origin and destination.

NFM 64

NFM64 Fares

Description: NFM64 fares used for Fares Checking. Note: due to some browser's restrictions, you may need to right-click the NFM64 icon to copy the link and then paste it into the browser address bar to download the file.

Posted on Website: 27/08/2015

Permitted Route Identifier (Section C, the "Yellow Pages")


This document allows you to identify the permitted route(s) associated with the journey that you wish to make.


Scroll through the list to locate:

a) the routeing point of your origin in the first column, and

b) the routeing point of your destination in the second column.

This will provide you with one or more map references, which identify the permitted routes that you can take to make your journey.

Maps (Section D)


A complete set of the National Routeing Guide maps. These maps provide details of all the permitted routes on the National Rail Network


Select the appropriate map(s) for your journey from the list at the top of the page.

Routeing Points Table


A table that shows each of the Routeing Points used within the National Routeing Guide and indicates the Maps on which they are located.


Find the location you are interested in to see which Routeing Points are associated with it.

Easements (Section E)


A list of easements, where Routeing Guide rules have been relaxed for certain routes.


Scroll through the list of easements to establish whether any easements apply to your journey.

Group Stations


A list of the stations which have been grouped together to make a "Routeing Point Group".